Best Places to Visit in Prince Edward Island, Canada 🏞️

Best Places to Visit in Prince Edward Island, Canada 🏞️

Are you ready to embark on an adventure where stunning landscapes and rich cultural heritage come together to create an unforgettable experience? In the heart of Canada’s maritime beauty lies Prince Edward Island, a place where your every step reveals captivating stories and picturesque scenery. Whether you’re a history enthusiast, a nature lover, or an explorer seeking the next thrill, Prince Edward Island offers a treasure trove of top places to visit in Prince Edward Island, each more enticing than the last. 

Discover the places to see Prince Edward Island, Canada, where every corner tells a story worth capturing in mesmerizing photographs. From the best attractions to the most enchanting spots, this island weaves a tapestry of experiences for travelers seeking places to see on Prince Edward Island. Uncover the island’s best-kept secrets, explore its top attractions, and dive into the abundance of things to do in Prince Edward Island. Whether you’re drawn to picturesque landscapes, literary history, or outdoor adventures, Prince Edward Island boasts the best places to visit and an array of top things to do. Your journey to this captivating land begins here.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the top things to do, places to see, top attractions, and the best activities to experience on Prince Edward Island. And yes, we’ll be sure to capture the essence of this remarkable island with plenty of pictures along the way.

Exploring Prince Edward Island’s Top Attractions 🌴🌊

Prince Edward Island National Park

Nestled along the central and northern coast of the island, Prince Edward Island National Park offers a diverse range of experiences. This sprawling park, divided into three distinct sections, is a sanctuary for those who cherish the Sea, wildlife, and history. It stands as an idyllic destination for families and outdoor enthusiasts, boasting historical structures, outdoor adventures, and picturesque landscapes.

Prince Edward Island canada National Park

At the heart of the park, you’ll encounter the charming Dalvay-by-the-Sea, formerly a regal summer retreat, which now houses a delightful hotel and restaurant near Brackley and Stanhope Beaches. As you venture eastward, leaving St. Peters Bay behind, the more secluded Greenwich area emerges, offering tranquillity, dune-backed shores, and boardwalk trails that are a haven for bird-watching, with over 300 species to discover.

The Gulf Shore Parkway winds along the coast through the central expanse of the park before seamlessly transitioning to the Gulf Shore Parkway West on the other side of New London Bay. This scenic route encompasses inland segments in Cavendish, accommodating renowned Green Gables and Eagles Glenn golf courses alongside the historic monument of Green Gables.

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Charlottetown exudes an endearing small-town charm, and its streets are adorned with Victorian-era elegance. Ornate landmarks such as St. Dunstan’s Basilica and the opulent Beaconsfield Historic House grace the cityscape. The cultural epicentre of the city is the Confederation Centre of the Arts, housing an art gallery, Museum, and theaters where the cherished Anne of Green Gables musical takes centre stage each summer.


Just across from this cultural hub, Province House National Historic Site bears witness to the Charlottetown Conference of 1864, which laid the groundwork for Confederation, even though Prince Edward Island officially joined the Canadian Union in 1873.

A highlight for visitors is the traffic-free Victoria Row, a picturesque street lined with meticulously preserved Victorian buildings situated south of the Confederation Centre of the Arts. Many of these former residences have been thoughtfully transformed into charming boutiques and restaurants. A scenic waterfront promenade leads to Victoria Park, home to the historic fortifications at Prince Edward Battery.

Tour Sights Inspired by Anne of Green Gables

Much like Verona for Juliet, the fictional character Anne of Green Gables has bestowed her story’s setting with a magical aura. Lucy Maud Montgomery, the creative mind behind Anne’s adventures, resided in Cavendish, which served as the muse for the mythical Avonlea in her 1908 book. The green-roofed farmhouse, known as Green Gables, and its surrounding land, formerly owned by Montgomery’s uncle, are now a National Historic Site. In Cavendish, you can also explore the grounds of Montgomery’s childhood home, where her literary works are available for purchase.

Tour Anne of Green Gables Sights

Cavendish’s Avonlea Village recreates the fictional village from the books, imbuing it with a theme park-like ambience. The village comprises a variety of eateries and shops, some housed in replica structures, offering visitors a taste of the village’s charm. The gardens within Avonlea Village add to its allure. In New London, you can visit Lucy Maud Montgomery’s birthplace and peruse her scrapbooks, which contain some of her stories and poems.

For more Anne of Green Gables experiences, head to the Anne of Green Gables Museum at the Campbell Homestead in Park Corner. Here, you can peruse a collection of Montgomery artefacts and even enjoy carriage rides that provide a glimpse into her vision of the Lake of Shining Waters.

Confederation Centre of the Arts

Established in 1964 as a tribute to Confederation, the Confederation Centre of the Arts stands as a cultural institution that houses an art gallery, Museum, and two theaters. Each summer, the centre presents the Anne of Green Gables musical as part of the annual Charlottetown Festival. Conveniently located across the street is Province House National Historic Site, a site of great historical significance, where the 1864 Charlottetown Conference sowed the seeds for the concept of Canada.

Confederation Centre of the Arts

In addition to a full calendar of theatrical and musical performances, the Confederation Centre offers Walking Tours conducted by the Confederation Players during July and August. These costumed actors, embodying the Fathers and Ladies of Confederation, stroll through Charlottetown’s historic district, imparting cultural and historical context to the leaders and era of Confederation.

Visit Lighthouses Along the Points East Coastal Drive

The eastern part of Prince Edward Island, traversed by the Points East Coastal Drive, is renowned for its exquisite beaches, unique dune systems, and captivating lighthouses that adorn the coastline. Along this well-marked route, you’ll encounter six lighthouses open to summertime visitors, each boasting its enthralling history.

Lighthouses on Points East Coastal Drive

One of these lighthouses is the Wood Islands Lighthouse, situated near the ferry terminal within Wood Islands Provincial Park. It serves as a lookout point and features exhibits on the area’s maritime history. Meanwhile, the Point Prim Lighthouse proudly holds the title of the island’s oldest, while the Panmure Island Lighthouse claims the honour of being PEI’s oldest wooden lighthouse.

Cape Bear Lighthouse played a pivotal role as the first Canadian land station to receive distress signals from the ill-fated Titanic. The Souris Historic Lighthouse offers an interpretive center that delves into the history of the lighthouse and port, along with exhibitions on the formation of sea glass. The scenic drive culminates at East Point Lighthouse, which provides an elevated vantage point over the merging tidal waters.

The Points East Coastal Drive is not limited to lighthouses alone; it offers a diverse array of sightseeing attractions. The Orwell Corner Historic Village recreates a late nineteenth-century setting, complete with a historically furnished farm, shingle mill, church, store, and community hall. The Elmira Railway Museum, once the terminus of the island’s railway, showcases photographs and artifacts from the rail era and features a recreated stationmaster’s office and ladies’ waiting room.

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Planning Your Island Adventure

Prince Edward Island, where nature’s beauty harmonizes with cultural treasures, offers a tapestry of enchanting experiences. Don’t forget your camera to capture the magic of this island, where every snapshot tells a story. From its literary history to scenic splendors and outdoor adventures, Prince Edward Island welcomes you to explore its top attractions and discover countless Prince Edward Island things to do. Each moment unveils a captivating facet of this vibrant land, making your visit an enchanting journey. Whether you seek literary inspiration, natural wonder, or cultural immersion, this island truly has it all.

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Historic Sites and Cultural Experiences

Prince Edward Island is steeped in history, and a journey through this province offers an opportunity to connect with Canada’s past. From historical sites and museums to cultural festivals and celebrations, you can delve into the island’s heritage. 

Orwell Corner Historic Village

Transport yourself back in time at Orwell Corner Historic Village, a living history museum that replicates rural life in the 1890s. Stroll through this charming village and experience the daily routines of yesteryear.

Acadian Museum

Learn about the vibrant Acadian culture that has thrived on the island for centuries. The Acadian Museum in Miscouche showcases the history, traditions, and enduring spirit of the Acadian people.

The College of Piping and Celtic Performing Arts of Canada

Immerse yourself in the island’s Celtic heritage by attending a performance or workshop at The College of Piping. Experience the toe-tapping rhythms of Celtic music and the art of Highland dance.

 Beaconsfield Historic House

Explore Charlottetown’s elegant Beaconsfield Historic House, a symbol of Victorian-era opulence. The house offers a glimpse into the island’s history and the lives of its early residents.

Lennox Island First Nation Cultural Centre

Visit the Lennox Island First Nation Cultural Centre to learn about the indigenous Mi’kmaq people and their history on the island. Explore exhibits, art, and cultural events that offer a deeper understanding of this community.

Confederation Centre of the Arts

Beyond its role in the creation of Canada, the Confederation Centre of the Arts is a hub of cultural activity. Enjoy live performances, art exhibits, and educational experiences that celebrate the island’s artistic and historic legacy.

Dalvay by the Sea

A visit to the Dalvay by the Sea, a stunning Victorian-era mansion, allows you to step into a piece of island history. It’s a captivating place to experience the island’s architectural and cultural heritage.

Historic Churches

Prince Edward Island is home to an array of historic churches, many of which are architectural marvels and cultural landmarks. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit St. Dunstan’s Basilica Cathedral and St. Mary’s Church, among others.

Annual Festivals and Events

The island comes alive with a plethora of cultural festivals and events throughout the year. Whether you’re attending the Cavendish Beach Music Festival, the Charlottetown Festival, or a local ceilidh, these celebrations offer a chance to immerse yourself in the island’s unique culture.

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The Island of Endless Wonders

Prince Edward Island is a place where the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary. It’s a destination that entices your senses, ignites your curiosity, and leaves an indelible mark on your heart. With its stunning landscapes, vibrant culture, and warm-hearted locals, the island has a way of captivating every traveler who sets foot on its shores. Whether you’re visiting for a weekend getaway, a family vacation, or an extended exploration, Prince Edward Island is a place that will leave you enchanted, rejuvenated, and yearning for more. Your adventure awaits on this island of endless wonders, where every moment becomes a cherished memory.

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