List of 11 Top Football Video Games (2024)

List of 11 Top Football Video Games (2024)

Soccer, or football, is more than simply a sport; it has captured the hearts of millions of people around the world. While watching the game is exciting, controlling your favourite teams and players in the virtual world of football video games is a special experience.

These games have progressed throughout time, from having simple, pixelated graphics to having realistic models. The top 11 football video games of all time, each a legend in their way, are covered in this list.

New Star Soccer

New Star Soccer

New Star Soccer is a football game that defies expectations. The result is a gaming experience that extends beyond the field of play by seamlessly fusing elements of role-playing games with sports simulation. In addition to participating in on-field activity, players also handle the difficulties of a footballer’s off-field existence. 

Making critical choices that could affect their careers is part of this, as is handling relationships and endorsements. The gameplay is made more complex and unpredictable by this unusual genre mashup, which distinguishes New Star Soccer as a standout game in the football gaming category. Beyond the ninety minutes on the field, it offers players a comprehensive trip through the world of professional football.

Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) / Winning Eleven Series

Pro Evolution Soccer_Winning Eleven

Durable Realism Football gaming lovers adore the Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) and Winning Eleven titles for their dedication to realism. Despite difficulties brought on by license restrictions, these games have consistently produced precise, realistic, and difficult gameplay. Players now have the chance to interact with their favourite clubs and athletes in a way that embodies the sport. Particularly, PES, which is dedicated to offering a realistic football experience, has a special place in the hearts of gamers.

FIFA Series


In terms of modern football video games, the FIFA series has long held the top spot. Its quality encompasses a variety of features and modes in addition to outstanding gameplay. FIFA delivers nearly infinite replay value, from the dramatic storytelling of “The Journey” to the creative rule modifications of “House Rules” and the addicting “Ultimate Team” mode. The game stays as realistic as possible, thanks to its amazing graphics and numerous licensing arrangements. FIFA maintains its position as the industry leader in football games by fusing graphic fidelity, gameplay depth, and a wide range of modes to deliver a comprehensive football experience.

Football Manager Series

A football game is elevated to the managerial level with the Football Manager series. These games allow players to take on the role of a football manager and offer an unmatched level of depth. Coaches have access to a stunning amount of tactical nuance, enabling players to develop their methods and tactics. 

Even squad dynamics are included in the game, where offending players could cost you your job. This degree of specificity includes details like the pitching conditions at minor league fields. Football Manager gives you the resources you need to fulfil your management aspirations if you want to take a team from obscurity to greatness. 

There is nothing you can’t do in these games, from planning training regimens to hiring and firing staff, scouting players, setting up friendly matches, and negotiating with club presidents. Football Manager appeals to individuals who want to be the game’s tactical wizards.

FIFA World Cup 98

World Cup 98

EA Sports’ World Cup 98 was a huge advancement in the visual design of football video games. Along with finely created 3D player graphics and precise depictions of national team uniforms, the game went above and beyond the standard gameplay components by offering cinematic introductions for each of the French stadiums. 

The immersive experience was enhanced by the addition of voiceovers and commentary from a who’s who of notable people, including John Motson and Chris Waddle. While its aesthetics might not have held up as well as some others, it deserves praise for pushing the limits of how football games could be presented and for innovating a new level of immersion and realism.

Head-On Soccer/Fever Pitch Soccer

Head-On Soccer_Fever Pitch Soccer

Playful Gameplay Football video games like Head-On Soccer and Fever Pitch Soccer have a humorous style. Players had the option of playing fairly or using exaggeratedly humorous dirty tricks. Each player featured distinctive special skills, such as daring dives to earn penalties. 

The unpredictable nature of the game and its comic take on football gave the genre a fun and cheerful touch. It demonstrated how football video games might embrace playful ridiculousness with a large variety of national teams and multiplayer gameplay support. It provided hours of wild enjoyment.

Virtua Striker

Virtua Striker

Virtua Striker’s creative usage of 3D player models had a significant impact on the football video game industry. Prior to Virtua Striker, players in football games were often represented as 2D sprites. In addition to improving the visual appeal, the use of 3D models brought a level of realism that was before unattainable. 

The three-dimensional player models provided a more realistic picture of footballers, allowing players to view the game from a different angle. This change signalled a significant advancement in the development of video games for football.

World Championship Soccer 2

Due to its association with Jon ‘Sensible Soccer’ Hare, World Championship Soccer 2, a lesser-known Mega Drive game, has garnered popularity. The game offers quick, side-on action that’s worth rediscovering and has echoes of Sensible Soccer. It proves that individuals looking for a distinct football gaming experience can find hidden gems in even obscure games.

Actua Soccer

Actua Soccer

Actua Soccer changed the football gaming industry by introducing cutting-edge technology. It was an innovation in realism. Players were completely immersed in a spectacular virtual football environment thanks to its fully 3-D graphics engine, which marked a substantial shift from the 2D graphics of earlier games. 

Additionally, the utilization of motion capture technology gave player motions an unheard-before level of realism. With the help of this innovation, players could control who behaved and moved on the screen in a startlingly similar way to how they would in real life. Actua Soccer established new benchmarks for realism and immersion in football gaming.

Sensible Soccer

Sensible Soccer

Sensible Soccer is still regarded as a classic because of its enduring appeal. Every time you enter the virtual pitch, it provides a burst of excitement thanks to its simple controls and challenging action. The game’s seeming simplicity hides a rich depth. On the pitch, players move quickly, and slide tackles may be incredibly satisfying. 

Sensible Soccer is a game that players of all ages may enjoy due to the fast-paced action and emphasis on skillful gameplay. It serves as a reminder that pleasure and competition can occasionally be found in football games without the requirement for cutting-edge graphics.

Kick-Off 2’s Enduring Challenge

Kick Off 2

Due to its ongoing challenge, Kick-Off 2 has endured the test of time. While by today’s standards, its aesthetics might look obsolete, its gameplay is still as challenging and tight as ever. In this football game, talent and accuracy are valued above all else, and players who learn its complex mechanics are rewarded. 

The game is straightforward, yet it has a sufficient amount of depth that makes every battle an exciting competition. Kick Off 2 is a classic that continues to enthral players by capturing the essence of football’s competitive spirit and serving as a reminder to them that the sport’s true beauty comes in its obstacles.

Final Words

Together, the top 11 football video games show off the genre’s diversity and evolution. These games provide something for every football fan, from ground-breaking improvements in visuals and realism to the timeless challenge of classic gameplay, from management simulations that put you in charge of a club’s future to humorous views on the sport. 

The world of football video games continues to offer a rich tapestry of gaming experiences, whether you treasure the nostalgia of classics or savour the cutting-edge thrills of recent titles. Grab your controller, play a virtual game of football, and revel in the enthusiasm and thrill of the beautiful game in all its digital splendour.


Which soccer video game is the best?

Depending on individual preferences and the gaming era, different soccer video games may hold the title of “best.” The FIFA series by EA Sports and the Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) series by Konami are two of the most well-known and highly regarded soccer video games. Which elements you value most—such as realistic gameplay, visuals, licensing, or special features—determines which game is the “best” in many cases. 

Both FIFA and PES have devoted fan bases and, over the years, have regularly provided top-notch soccer game experiences. The finest soccer video game is ultimately a matter of personal opinion.

Which EPL football game do you consider to be the best?

The English Premier League’s (EPL) “best” football game is a highly debatable concept that varies from person to person. Over the years, the EPL has witnessed several exciting games with unforgettable moments and fierce rivalries. 

Football matches like the “Aguero” encounter between Manchester City and QPR in 2012 or the Liverpool vs. AC Milan UEFA Champions League Final in 2005 are frequently mentioned as iconic moments in the sport’s history. However, depending on personal preferences, team loyalties, and standout events, assessments of the best match might vary greatly.

What was the first football-themed computer game?

Widely regarded as the first computer game based on football, “Football” or “Soccer,” developed in 1967 by John H. Burgeson and Don Rawitsch. This game was a text-based simulation rather than a video game in the contemporary sense.

It was created for the PLATO computer system (Programmed Logic for Automatic Teaching Operations), an early online learning environment. In “Football,” players directed the actions of a football team on a crudely drawn field using text commands. The game’s primary instructional purpose was to instruct kids in the rules and tactics of the sport.

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